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Antique Magazine focused on 19th Century American Antique Items

JD Wahl Antiques – Focused on 19th Century American Antiques was featured in the February Issue of The World of Interiors Magazine. Some of the antiques featured included an oil on canvas, which was featured on the Inspirations page. As well as a 19th century antique painted game board and a knuckle arm Windsor chair.

As a dealer in 19th Century antiques, located in a small town in New Hampshire, JD Wahl Antiques has become a known entity in the 19th Century Antique Dealer community.

It all started back in November when a call was received from overseas in England. Someone asked if they could use some selected items from this web site to illustrate an article in The World of Interiors. The World of Interiors is an international interior design magazine, you can imagine our surprise. You see Richmond, NH is a small town tucked away in the South Western corner of New Hampshire. Our 19th Century Antique shop was proud to be considered by such a prestigious interior design magazine as The World of Interiors.

Danny say’s, “Between day to day business and holiday preparations the request and the photos were forgotten.” … “I was somewhat surprised when we received another call from England. It was in early January and someone was asking if the painting that I’d advertised was still available. There was a moment of confusion as I didn’t have any ads currently running and certainly not in England, but I put two and two together when the caller explained that he’d just received the February issue of The World of Interiors. We were delighted when they wanted to purchase the 19th century antique oil on canvas that was featured on the Inspirations page.”
Being a 19th Century American Antiques dealer featured in The World of Interiors has sure changed things for us. Since that day in January, all of the items that were featured in The World of Interiors magazine have been sold.

We want to formally thank The World of Interiors magazine for the unique privilege of being featured as 19th Century antique dealers of distinction. We are proud and view this distinction as evidence of our integrity as antique dealers and it validates our commitment to the 19th Century Antique community.

Thank You World of Interiors Magazine!