19th Century Antique Stoneware


The 18th and 19th century cobalt-decorated salt-glazed stoneware pottery that was created by the Norton family of Vermont is one of the most highly sought after pieces of stoneware in today’s antique market.

Founded in 1785 by Captain John Norton, the utilitarian wares from this period were marked “Bennington Factory”, while some were incised or cobalt decorated, most pieces only had a number, if at all. In 1812 Luman Norton joined his father in the company and ran it after his father retired. 1833 brought Luman’s son Julius into the company and after Luman’s retirement and a brief partnership with his brother-in-law Christopher Fenton, Julius brought his cousin Edward Norton into the company.

 It was during this period that some of the most desirable cobalt decorated and detailed pieces of stoneware were created, bringing the largest values in today’s market for Norton Antique Stoneware. These pieces were detailed with deer, elaborate birds of various kinds, dogs, rabbits, trees and houses.