About Our Shop

Located on Old Homestead Highway in Richmond, New Hampshire, J.D.Wahl Antiques has a shop full of 18th and 19th century American antiques and Americana ready for your perusal. We have over 30 years experience in the Antique business, both buying and selling. Our Shop is open, often with no set hours. If you are planning to be in the area, a call ahead or appointment is advised.

Antique and collectible items from local homes, private collections and family heirlooms, tell us much about life in the past. Often they have significant historical ties to events or personalities. For those who could afford it, luxury items were made from valuable metals, jewelry with precious stones, serving pieces for the table, paintings from notable painters and fine fabrics for upholstered furniture.

From old tools, early wrought iron, toys, gameboards, trade signs, portraiture, carved sculptures, weathervanes, painted furniture to housewares, early stoneware and transportation, you are sure to find any of these items at J.D.Wahl Antiques.